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We are proud to have a long-standing relationship with Google, being both a Google Analytics 360 Sales Partner, and a DoubleClick Certified Marketing and Sales Partner*.

55 was founded with the firm belief, early in the 2010’s, that reconciling advertising data and digital data collected on websites and other assets was crucial to do marketing better, faster and cheaper. We watched closely as Google assembled their marketing stack to allow brands to do so and so much more, and partnered with them since Day #1.

* As well as a Google Cloud Platform Partner and a Google Premier Partner, for that matter.

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Google Analytics 360 is the fully integrated toolset that enables the complete management of your advertising and marketing performance within the Google environment. It incorporates years of investment into an integrated stack that makes marketing in today’s connected world easier than ever before:

  • Highly efficient collection and management of site and app users data

    The Google Analytics 360 Suite not only integrates seamlessly with Google media solutions, it also works well with third-party platforms and tools, allowing many things such as linking CRM data with digital browsing data to enrich client intelligence and personalise on-site experience, or linking CRM with advertising data to build mutually exclusive acquisition and retention campaigns.

  • Deep insights into the activity on all your platforms - including desktop, mobile sites and offline influences

    Find out where mobile sits in your conversion paths or the effect of TV on sales, understand your audiences by leveraging the power of algorithms and first-party data enriched with third-party data. Create custom dashboards and share performance insights easily with Data Studio.

  • Seamless deployment of website personalisation and targeted digital marketing across all your channels using all of the historic touchpoints

    Build different communication scenarios to aptly address your audiences, and deploy your strategy across channels successfully. Craft beautiful, powerful website experiences with Optimize. Take Google Analytics audiences out of your website and speak with one voice to users regardless of the touchpoints they reach you through.

At 55, we believe that the central importance of data to brands today demands specialist skills, and that building and deploying the ideal strategy requires an objective partner.

55 has been reselling and implementing Google Analytics 360 for brands around the world ever since the Premium Partner program started in 2013. We specialise in data services, which means that we complement our clients’ media and creative agencies and help power them to more efficient and targeted campaigns through the optimal process of collecting, storing and deploying their data.

Working with 55, you will have access to top-notch media and analytics specialists teamed up with a spirited team of data scientists, engineers and tag specialists long acquainted with Google technologies (last time we counted, we jointly had over 30 years’ experience at Google!).

You will be supported by a dedicated squad of digital consultants who will act not only as your strategic advisor, but also as a tactical executioner helping you drive change, implement measurement tools and methods and steer the power of the Google ecosystem to build a robust, user-centric, multi-channel customer experience.

Analytics 360

for deep insight into the behaviour of customers on web and mobile

Optimize 360

for the optimisation and personalisation of your website experience

Data Studio 360

for visualisation of results across your organisation

Tag Manager 360

for the management of all your tags in one place

Surveys 360

for rapid collection of reliable consumer opinions across web and mobile devices

Attribution 360

for understanding online and offline influences on your performance

Audience Center 360

for seamless integration across all your digital advertising platforms


sales growth

Businesses that integrated multiple customer and marketing data sources saw 2.6× sales growth over three years compared to peers.

source: Harvard Business Review

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