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The Internet generates titanic volumes of data: behavioural, commercial, advertising… Such data have become essential to understanding user needs and develop a smarter marketing approach. Yet, connected devices and communication channels are multiplying and changing so fast that harnessing the power of innumerable data streams has become an incredibly delicate task.

fifty-five helps you collect and organise your data, to let you monitor and optimise the performance of your digital assets and acquire and retain customers more efficiently.


Our customers

  • McDonalds's McDonalds's


  • Danone Danone


  • Air France Air France

    Air France

  • Se Loger Se Loger

    Se Loger

  • Axa Axa


  • Renault Nissan Renault Nissan

    Renault Nissan

  • Oscaro Oscaro


  • Darty Darty


  • L'Oréal L'Oréal


  • Carrefour Carrefour


  • Google Google




  • Crédit Agricole Crédit Agricole

    Crédit Agricole

  • PSA Peugeot Citröen PSA Peugeot Citröen

    PSA Peugeot Citröen

  • Lacoste Lacoste


  • 3 Suisses 3 Suisses

    3 Suisses

  • Pages Jaunes Pages Jaunes

    Pages Jaunes

  • Ferrero Ferrero


  • Bouygues Bouygues


  • François Hollande 2012 François Hollande 2012

    François Hollande 2012

  • Le Crédit Lyonnais Le Crédit Lyonnais

    Le Crédit Lyonnais

  • Accor Accor


  • BNP Parisbas BNP Parisbas

    BNP Parisbas

  • Badoo Badoo


  • HP HP


  • Richemont Richemont




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Ferrero – Kinder
  • Ferrero – Kinder
  • Ferrero
  • PagesJaunes
  • B&B Hôtels
  • MMA
  • Air France
  • Lacoste
  • Smartbox
  • Vente-privé
  • Pimkie
  • Delamaison

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Industry verticals

  • Automotive

    • Citroën
    • Dacia
    • Elite Auto
    • Oscaro
    • Peugeot
    • Renault
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  • Cosmetics

    • Beauté-Privée
    • Biotherm
    • Clarisonic
    • Lancôme
    • L'Occitane en Provence
    • L'Oréal
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  • Food

    • Bel
    • Danone
    • Ferrero
    • McDonald's
  • Banking, Insurance & Finance

    • AXA
    • AXA Family Protect
    • BNP Paribas
    • Carrefour Banque
    • Cétélem
    • La Mutuelle Générale
    • LCL
    • MAIF
    • MMA
    • Sofinco-Finaref
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  • Luxury

    • Adamence
    • Armani
    • Balenciaga
    • Baume & Mercier
    • Boucheron
    • IWC
    • Jaeger Le Coultre
    • Mont Blanc
    • Panerai
    • Piaget
    • Puig
    • Roger Dubuis
    • Saint Laurent
    • Van Cleef & Arpels
    • Vacheron Constantin
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  • Media, Local & Entertainment

    • Badoo
    • Bouygues Immobilier
    • Bouygues Télécom Régie
    • Efficity
    • Fotolia
    • Google MEEL
    • La Fourchette
    • Le Monde
    • Ouest France
    • PagesJaunes
    • Quotatis
    • Smartbox
    • Solocal
    • Vivastreet
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  • Retail

    • 3 Suisses
    • Darty
    • Delamaison
    • Lacoste
    • Maisons du Monde
    • Pimkie
    • Pixmania
    • Quelle
    • Vente-Privée
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  • Healthcare, Energy & Government

    • Actiris
    • EDF
    • François Hollande 2012
    • Pfizer
    • Schneider Electric
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  • Technology

    • Bouygues Télécom
    • Hewlett Packard
    • Orange
    • OVH
    • SFR
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  • Travel

    • Accor
    • Air France
    • B&B Hôtels
    • Ibis
    • Mercure
    • Pierre & Vacances Adagio
    • Pierre & Vacances Village Club
    • Pullman Hôtels
    • Sofitel
    • Voyage-privé
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About Us


We help advertisers leverage their data to increase business performance and adopt a smarter marketing approach. We provide services and software solutions to help them through project completion.

As data volumes are surging, our ability to process highly diverse formats and huge data sets has never grown so fast. Our habits are deeply transformed by what we call “Big Data”. Properly harnessed, the data deluge can mean greater efficiency and considerable time and cost savings.

55% of people entering a store will walk out having purchased something.

On the internet, this conversion rate falls to 2.1%

As estimated by Google and Kantar Media for French e-commerce in April 2013

fifty-five helps you collect and organise your data, to let you monitor and optimise the performance of your digital assets and acquire and retain customers more efficiently.
Read more about our solutions and services.

Innovative company

fifty-five is a certified “Jeune Entreprise Innovante” (Young Innovative Company) and is supported by OSEO, the French agency for Innovation and SME development. Together with 2,000 other carefully selected start-ups, fifty-five is a member of the Oseo Excellence network. We design solutions to meet marketers’ needs with powerful yet simple software: dashboard, data visualisation tools and data products.

Our milestones

  • fifty-five is
    officially launched

  • 10th employee

  • Member of Oseo Excellence and “Jeune Entreprise Innovante”

  • fifty-five starts doing media-buying

  • Google Analytics Premium launched in France, fifty-five is a certified partner

  • 55th employee

  • Our mining platform is launched,
    after 3 years of R&D

  • Our London office is open!

The team

Co-founded by former Google executives in 2010, fifty-five is the combination of four trades: software integration, consulting services, SaaS development and digital media-buying.
We provide innovative services and solutions to help advertisers develop smarter marketing approaches: optimise site and user experiences, improve acquisition strategy and enrich customer knowledge.

Marketing strategy, digital media-buying, tracking, web analytics, data mining, statistics and machine learning, data visualisation, engineering… Our team brings together a unique mix of complementary skills, all dedicated to improving your marketing.

Read more about the co-founders Back to the team
  • Camille Gaume Camille Gaume Camille Gaume

    After graduating from EDHEC, Camille took her first steps in web tech in London, then went to L'Occitane in Bresil, before ending up at 55. This theatre-lover plays all the parts to meet your analytics needs.

    Camille Gaume Data Analyst Associate
  • Paul Gallavardin Paul Gallavardin Paul Gallavardin

    From 5 years working as a consultant, this bearded man has kept a sense of commitment, and a love for cufflinks. Paul fell in love with Digital Analytics just as he fell for board games in his childhood.

    Paul Gallavardin Digital Analytics Expert
  • Louis Chavane de Dalmassy Louis Chavane de Dalmassy Louis Chavane de Dalmassy

    After graduating from Télécom Paristech, Louis worked for Klee Performance and conducted research into social networks for the French Ministry of Defence before joining us in early 2011.

    Louis Chavane de Dalmassy Product Manager
  • Mathilde Bauret Mathilde Bauret Mathilde Bauret

    After 10 years in French equity sales at Deutsche Bank, Mathilde decided to downsize to smaller companies: Titouan Lamazou, Wincomparator, then finally she joined fifty-five as our super-hero.

    Mathilde Bauret Office manager | Senior admin. & financial manager
  • Marie-Adeline Puzin Marie-Adeline Puzin Marie-Adeline Puzin

    Telecommunications, media, insurance... Marie-Adeline worked as a consultant or digital project manager in various fields and organisations, from small NGOs to Capgemini. She graduated from Dauphine.

    Marie-Adeline Puzin Program Manager
  • Audrey Hické Audrey Hické Audrey Hické

    Audrey graduated from HEC Paris, started her career at Facebook Dublin, made a move to entrepreneurship before joining the web Graal company : fifty-five.

    Audrey Hické Senior Data Analyst
  • Nicolas Aucher Nicolas Aucher Nicolas Aucher

    After working in the UK, USA, Indonesia and Canada, Nicolas (ECN 2000) came back to his roots and joined our Data Insights team as an expert on the Adobe suite.

    Nicolas Aucher Senior Data Insights Manager
  • Damien Duhamel Damien Duhamel Damien Duhamel

    After studying Digital Design, Damien started as a UI / UX designer. He then discovered web development and naturally ended up joining fifty-five as a front-end developer.

    Damien Duhamel R&D Engineer
  • Denis Gence Denis Gence Denis Gence

    Denis, a HEC Paris graduate, speaks French, Creole and a bit of Javascript! Before joining fifty-five he was Sales Manager at Smartapps and Business Developer at

    Denis Gence Data Analyst Senior
  • Céline  Craipeau Céline  Craipeau Céline  Craipeau

    A graduate from Sciences-Po, Céline tries her hand at being a stretegic planner associate first, and an assistant advertising manager then. That jazz lover finally joins fifty-five in 2014, here is what really matters.

    Céline Craipeau Data Analyst
  • Meng Li Meng Li Meng Li

    After graduating from Beijing University of Technology, Meng completed his curriculum at EFREI in Paris. He's been part of the Product team since 2010.

    Meng Li R&D Engineer Lead
  • Maxime Nadarassin Maxime Nadarassin Maxime Nadarassin

    A final year student at HETIC, Maxime is a web analytics enthusiast who also loves to do weights. He is currently polishing his tag implementation skills in our Data Insights department.

    Maxime Nadarassin Tag Specialist
  • Alexandre David Alexandre David Alexandre David

    As an EPFL graduate, Alexandre cut his teeth at Sony where he discovered the power of machine learning. Swept up by data, he continued his studies at Télécom ParisTech before becoming a data scientist at 55.

    Alexandre David Data Science Associate
  • Lamiae Taibi Lamiae Taibi Lamiae Taibi

    A graduate from HEC Paris, Lamiae started working in the finance sector before launching a Rocket Internet company in Morocco. Then the digital crave went on and she joined us in 2013.

    Lamiae Taibi Data Analyst
  • Gwenn Charlot Gwenn Charlot Gwenn Charlot

    An ESSEC graduate and a keen basketball player, Gwenn made a slam dunk when she came to work at 55. She warmed herself up working in marketing, first at an e-merchant and then at Nestlé.

    Gwenn Charlot Data Analyst
  • Hugo Loriot Hugo Loriot Hugo Loriot

    Hugo graduated from EM Lyon and joined Google's Sales then Operations teams. We're not sure where he's most expert: digital media, TV reality shows or quaint forgotten music hits?

    Hugo Loriot Media Technologies Director
  • Igor Voitenko Igor Voitenko Igor Voitenko

    Igor holds a degree from the National University of Kharkiv and an M.S. in decision and statistical science. A talented piano player, he's also an Analytics expert.

    Igor Voitenko Analytics Expert
  • +
    fifty-five is hiring
  • Guillaume Coulomb Guillaume Coulomb Guillaume Coulomb

    Guillaume used to have 2 passions: web technology and innovation. After graduating from Supaéro, he joined fifty-five's consulting team to develop two new hobbies: analytics and foosball competitions.

    Guillaume Coulomb Data Analyst
  • Reda El Mghazli Reda El Mghazli Reda El Mghazli

    Working at ADIT on business modelling missions, this HEC Paris & Telecom ParisTech alumnus gained an acute knowledge of e-retail, which he puts to good use as a data analyst at 55.

    Reda El Mghazli Data Analyst Senior
  • Camille Cosnefroy Camille Cosnefroy Camille Cosnefroy

    After spending some time in an advertising agency, Camille joined Google's sales then marketing teams. He is a graduate from Paris Dauphine, and he specialised in Digital Media.

    Camille Cosnefroy Data Analyst
  • Zhibo Shan Zhibo Shan Zhibo Shan

    A computer science graduate from JILIN university, Zhibo came to France to study multimedia at UFC. Now he is a JS integrator associate at 55 where he always finds someone to play basketball and DOTA.

    Zhibo Shan JavaScript Developer Associate
  • Jean-François Wassong Jean-François Wassong Jean-François Wassong

    From Autonomy to Verity, EDF and Google, Jeff's faith into the most exciting web technologies has never faltered. Today he leads our stellar cast of engineers in search for the purest data quality.

    Jean-François Wassong Chief Technical Officer
  • You've got talent? You've got talent? You've got talent?

    If you are passionate about the internet revolution, digital marketing and big data, if you are creative yet methodic, always eager to learn and build, take a look at our job openings!

    You've got talent? Come and join us!
  • Olivier Banizette Olivier Banizette Olivier Banizette

    After graduating from the École des Mines, Olivier discovered marketing at HEC Paris. Before joining fifty-five, he launched a startup dedicated to sustainable development.

    Olivier Banizette Data Project Lead
  • Paul Lefkopoulos Paul Lefkopoulos Paul Lefkopoulos

    After graduating from ENSAE and HEC, Paul sharpens its statistics and marketing skills at BETC Digital. At fifty-five he unleashes the power of data hidden deep down into the weblogs.

    Paul Lefkopoulos Data Science Lead
  • Hichem Karoui Hichem Karoui Hichem Karoui

    Hichem started in strategy consulting at OC&C after graduating from Centrale Paris. Fond of diving, he took a leap and plunged into the data deluge in 2013.

    Hichem Karoui Data Project Lead
  • Mohammed Hajlaoui Mohammed Hajlaoui Mohammed Hajlaoui

    As an ENSI graduate, Med created many different mobile apps for many different clients, reaching 30+ apps published on the AppStore. He joined our R&D team to develop our mobile offer.

    Mohammed Hajlaoui Mobile R&D Engineer
  • Clément Pinon Clément Pinon Clément Pinon

    Convinced that data can provide powerful insights, Clément joined fifty-five after graduating from Ecole Centrale de Lyon and Columbia University with a Master of Science.

    Clément Pinon Data Project Lead
  • Ginette Cardenas Ginette Cardenas Ginette Cardenas

    Ginette is from Venezuela, but Spanish is her only language. This polyglot holds an M.A. in Languages & European Management and lived in the U.S. & Germany before settling down with us at 55.

    Ginette Cardenas Media Specialist
  • Gautier Méric Gautier Méric Gautier Méric

    Gautier is an EDHEC graduate. He first started at Ernst&Young. Then, his faith into web analytics led him to join fifty-five's consulting team.

    Gautier Méric Data Analyst Senior
  • François Costa de Beauregard François Costa de Beauregard François Costa de Beauregard

    A graduate from Sciences-Po Paris, François worked at L'Oréal, Google, then Keyade in the early days. He then co-founded fifty-five, where he works magic. Which is to be expected, since he's a magician.

    François Costa de Beauregard Senior Manager, Data Consulting
  • Jérémy Caldas Jérémy Caldas Jérémy Caldas

    Following an internship at Mesagraph, Jérémy graduated from Cranfield University where he studied technical computing and distributed systems. He joined the R&D table football team at 55.

    Jérémy Caldas R&D Engineer
  • Sean O'Shea Sean O'Shea Sean O'Shea

    After 3 years studying the French electrical network, Sean decides to start it over and switches to IT. A fervent adept of mountaineering, he hopes to climb the highest peaks of Big Data!

    Sean O'Shea Tag Specialist
  • Pei Zhang Pei Zhang Pei Zhang

    Pei worked 5 years at Keyade as SEM & Training Manager before joining fifty-five. She holds a degree in French literature from Sun Yat-sen University (Guangzhou) and a Master in Economy.

    Pei Zhang Senior Media Technologies Manager | SEM & Display
  • +
    fifty-five is hiring
  • Laurent Senesi Laurent Senesi Laurent Senesi

    Laurent spent many years at Keyade before becoming Search Director at KR Media. This kung-fu fighter and accomplished yogi joined fifty-five in 2011 to develop the Media offer.

    Laurent Senesi Media Technologies Manager | SEM & Social
  • Pierre Harand Pierre Harand Pierre Harand

    During his 10+ years experience, Pierre held leadership positions in marketing, sales, and strategy at companies such Microsoft and Canal+. He is a Polytechnique and Telecom Paris graduate.

    Pierre Harand Director, Consulting and Business Development
  • Edouard Hocdé Edouard Hocdé Edouard Hocdé

    Edouard worked at and Accor before joining us. An FBS graduate, he was trained in a gastronomic restaurant while studying Tourism, and can thus help you select a good vintage wine!

    Edouard Hocdé Data Analyst Senior
  • Cyril Cottin Cyril Cottin Cyril Cottin

    This young Savoyard graduate from IUT Technolac is passionate about the web and complex systems. Convinced that "Data is the New Oil", he used to work in a gas station.

    Cyril Cottin Tag Specialist
  • Charles Grosperrin Charles Grosperrin Charles Grosperrin

    Charles is an organic yoghurt. His great taste makes him a great snack. As an ESSEC student and being rich in probiotics, his lactic virtues serve but one purpose: optimise your web traffic.

    Charles Grosperrin Data Analyst Associate
  • Jean Neltner Jean Neltner Jean Neltner

    Lycos, Infonie, Egg then Google, where he was Head of Strategic Partenerships for Southern Europe: the Internet has no secrets for Jean.

    Jean Neltner Co-founder, Managing Director
  • Jérôme Rastoldo Jérôme Rastoldo Jérôme Rastoldo

    After graduating from ESSEC, Jérôme worked at Warner Music, then Orange and L'Atelier BNP in San Francisco before joining fifty-five.

    Jérôme Rastoldo Data Analyst Senior
  • Clément Frison Clément Frison Clément Frison

    Clément discovered machine learning at Canon in the Netherlands, before studying data analysis at Centrale Lille. A keen piano-player, he hopes to extract some meaning from the cacophony of data.

    Clément Frison Data Science Associate
  • Eurydice Lafferayrie Eurydice Lafferayrie Eurydice Lafferayrie

    After graduating from HEC Paris, Eurydice went from Paris to San Francisco, and sailed from print to web and mobile publishing before joining our consulting team in 2013.

    Eurydice Lafferayrie Data Analyst
  • Adrien Béata Adrien Béata Adrien Béata

    A short stint in the finance sector convinced this HEC Paris alumnus that the future lies in algorithms and data - which naturally led him to join fifty-five.

    Adrien Béata Data Analyst Senior
  • Huikan Xiang Huikan Xiang Huikan Xiang

    A graduate from Telecom Paristech and Beijing University of Telecommunication, Huikan is passionate about big data. She's been with us as Data Engineer since 2011.

    Huikan Xiang R&D Engineer
  • Milena Da Costa Milena Da Costa Milena Da Costa

    Don't ask why Milena would rather live in France than in her home country of Brazil. She holds a Master's Degree in International Management and worked in e-marketing before joining our trading desk in 2014.

    Milena Da Costa Media Specialist
  • Serge Descombes Serge Descombes Serge Descombes

    After 5 years at Google, Serge co-wrote the 1st French book on Google Analytics and co-founded Wasabi Analytics. He joined fifty-five in 2010 and is now head of the data collection team.

    Serge Descombes Senior Data Insights Manager
  • +
    fifty-five is hiring
  • Hippolyte Martin Hippolyte Martin Hippolyte Martin

    Hippolyte started working at PayPal and in the start-up scene before joining fifty-five's Business Operations team. A HEC Paris graduat, he aims to bring the agency's soccer team to the top.

    Hippolyte Martin Business Operations Analyst
  • Romain Warlop Romain Warlop Romain Warlop

    Soon to graduate from ENS Cachan in Applied Mathematics, Romain joined fifty-five to build predictive models, eat bananas and play foosball.

    Romain Warlop Data Scientist Associate
  • Geneviève Métayer Geneviève Métayer Geneviève Métayer

    Geneviève started at Garnier before flying off to Australia to work in strategic marketing at Sodexo. A graduate from HEC Paris, she plays the double bass.

    Geneviève Métayer Data Analyst
  • Sigbjørn Dybdahl Sigbjørn Dybdahl Sigbjørn Dybdahl

    After several years working in the telecommunications sector, Sigbjørn joined fifty-five's R&D team to develop our real-time solutions, as well as to reinforce the bike team.

    Sigbjørn Dybdahl Technical Project Manager
  • Mats Carduner Mats Carduner Mats Carduner

    Mats has over 20 years experience in the Internet industry. After graduating from HEC Paris, he started out in marketing at L'Oréal. He was Google's Managing Director for Southern Europe from 2004 to 2010.

    Mats Carduner Co-founder, CEO
  • Mohamed Ali Bardi Mohamed Ali Bardi Mohamed Ali Bardi

    Graduating from INSAT Tunis, Mohamed Ali joined 55 after demonstrating his skills during an internship. Despite his passion for soccer, he didn't make it past the 1/4 finals of our foosball world cup.

    Mohamed Ali Bardi R&D Engineer
  • Martin Daniel Martin Daniel Martin Daniel

    After working some time at Google and BETC, Martin joined fifty-five in the early days. An ESCP Europe alumni, he is in charge of developing simple, powerful data products.

    Martin Daniel Product Manager, Data Science
  • Marion Sanchez Marion Sanchez Marion Sanchez

    After spending 2 years at Orange, Marion stepped into the digital world at Voyage-Privé before embarking for Dublin with Google. A graduate from ESG, she specialised in e-business.

    Marion Sanchez Media Expert
  • Cyril Agosta Cyril Agosta Cyril Agosta

    Cyril holds a degree in Statistics & Economics. His interest in web technology led him to HETIC and today he's a JS developer. No pattern there, but it all falls into place at fifty-five.

    Cyril Agosta Javascript Developer Associate
  • Luc Charpentier Luc Charpentier Luc Charpentier

    Formerly a globe-trotting gendarme, Luc has switched from the penal code to source code. He's now a student at the 42 engineering school, and is sailing the high-seas of data.

    Luc Charpentier R&D Engineer Associate
  • Xiaoyan Le Xiaoyan Le Xiaoyan Le

    After a 5 years experience at L'Oréal and LVMH, this former visual merchandising professional finds her new challenges from physical retailing to digital, from Asia to global.

    Xiaoyan Le Data Analyst
  • Julie-Anne Negiar Julie-Anne Negiar Julie-Anne Negiar

    A graduate from ESSEC and an avid runner, she first went off to Malaysia with Rocket-Internet. She then joined a big auditing firm in France, before discovering the magic number 55.

    Julie-Anne Negiar Data Analyst
  • Kim Tran Kim Tran Kim Tran

    A former consultant for IBM in the retail banking sector, Kim joined fifty-five in the early years. Her background includes Advanced Computing at Imperial College and E-Business at HEC Business School.

    Kim Tran Head of Data Consulting, UK
  • Arnaud Massonnie Arnaud Massonnie Arnaud Massonnie

    Arnaud worked at Havas & Monster before joining Google as Director of Strategy & Operations for Southern Europe from 2005 to 2010. fifty-five is the #3 start-up he founded.

    Arnaud Massonnie Co-founder, Managing Director
  • Nicolas Beauchesne Nicolas Beauchesne Nicolas Beauchesne

    Nicolas started at Vivendi Universal, before moving on to Photoways. A graduate from ESCP-Europe, he becomes Head of the YouTube & Display team at Google, before co-founding fifty-five.

    Nicolas Beauchesne Co-founder, Managing Director
  • Antoine Barczewski Antoine Barczewski Antoine Barczewski

    Antoine used to work in advertising, but don't think that's where he started growing a beard. It all began when he switched to market finance. He switched back just in time, but kept the beard.

    Antoine Barczewski Data Analyst
  • Alan Boydell Alan Boydell Alan Boydell

    This Scottish academic holds 2 M.A.s and co-wrote the first French user guide to Google Analytics. After leaving Google and a short stop at Keyade, he co-founded fifty-five.

    Alan Boydell Co-founder, Data Insights & Analytics Director
  • Benoît  Rojare Benoît  Rojare Benoît  Rojare

    Graduated from ENSAM and ESSEC, Benoît spent more than two years in Asia as a strategic consultant. After getting a handle on what finance is, he decided to join the fifty-five teams.

    Benoît Rojare Data Analyst
  • Charlotte Fretti Charlotte Fretti Charlotte Fretti

    Graduating from Telecom Bretagne, Charlotte spent over 8 years in a consulting firm specialised in Telecom, Media & Internet. She joined fifty-five in 2014 to lead the Business Operations team.

    Charlotte Fretti Head of Business Operations
  • Robin Bonduelle Robin Bonduelle Robin Bonduelle

    Robin left his cherished hometown of Toulouse to work at Rocket Internet in Brazil, before joining our consulting team. He has graduated from both HEC Paris and Law School, and he's a fearless swimmer.

    Robin Bonduelle Data Analyst
  • Camille Giard Camille Giard Camille Giard

    After graduating from ESCP-Europe, Camille entered the digital world at PSA. Always eager to learn more about consumers' online habits, she joined fifty-five's media team.

    Camille Giard Data Analyst Senior
  • Moulay Idriss Alaoui Moulay Idriss Alaoui Moulay Idriss Alaoui

    This recreational skydiver took the deep dive into Big Data in New York. He graduated from Columbia University and Ecole des Mines then worked for Accor before joining fifty-five.

    Moulay Idriss Alaoui CRM Project Lead
  • Antoine Le Nôtre Antoine Le Nôtre Antoine Le Nôtre

    Antoine started at Sopragroup, then IBM Business Consulting Services for the banking industry, in the CRM and BI departments. He's an ISEP graduate.

    Antoine Le Nôtre Senior Program Manager
  • Simon Camuzet Simon Camuzet Simon Camuzet

    Simon holds a degree in Economics from ENS Cachan and started working as an economist at Total E&P before joining Matiro to lead the R&D team on Real-Time Bidding technologies (RTB).

    Simon Camuzet Media Specialist RTB
  • Vasyl Vaskul Vasyl Vaskul Vasyl Vaskul

    A talented guitar player who speaks 4 languages, Vasyl, holds an MS in I.T. from Kiev and a post-master degree from Science Po Paris. And guess what, he's a nice guy.

    Vasyl Vaskul Technical Project Manager
  • Laurent Edel Laurent Edel Laurent Edel

    A Google APIs and SEM expert, Laurent co-founded Click2sales (Pôle Nord Vivaki). He holds a degree in IT Engineering from CNAM and is fond of "sauce samouraï". Ever heard of that?

    Laurent Edel Senior Project Manager
  • Lan Anh Vu Hong Lan Anh Vu Hong Lan Anh Vu Hong

    With multiple degrees from prestigious institutions (ENS Cachan, HEC Paris), this enthusiast linguist started working at Google in Sydney before joining fifty-five in its early days.

    Lan Anh Vu Hong Sales Marketing Specialist Senior
  • Nicolas Beauchesne Nicolas Beauchesne
    Nicolas Beauchesne Managing Director, Business Development & Staffing

    Over ten years in the Internet sector turned Nicolas into an expert in new ad formats and e-commerce. He started at Vivendi Universal after graduating from ESCP Europe, before becoming Deputy Executive Director at He then joined Google, where he developed the Adwords program in the media and entertainment sector, before becoming Head of Media Solutions to coordinate the launch of the YouTube and Google Display program.

  • Alan Boydell Alan Boydell
    Alan Boydell Data Insights Director

    In his many years as Google Analytics Manager for Southern Europe, Alan became a well-recognized expert in web analytics and testing. This Scottish academic with two M.A.s to his name is the author of the blog “The Analytics Factor”, and co-wrote the first French user guide for Google Analytics (Pearson 2012). He left Google to found Keymetrics, Keyade’s branch specialized in web analytics and testing before co-founding fifty-five.

  • Mats Carduner Mats Carduner
    Mats Carduner CEO

    Mats's journey online began in 1995: after working at L’Oréal in the Consumer Division, he joined Infonie, Havas Interactive Publishing, Monster, and then Google, where he was Managing Director for France & Southern Europe from 2004 to 2010. These busy years did not weaken his taste for entrepreneurship; in addition to fifty-five, this HEC Paris graduate also co-founded Coopt In, a social network later sold to Le Figaro group.

  • François Costa de Beauregard François Costa de Beauregard
    François Costa de Beauregard Program Manager

    After graduating from Sciences-Po Paris and Paris Dauphine University, François started working at L’Oréal before changing careers and joining Google where he was in charge of the retail accounts. He then put his expertise in SEM and web analytics to the service of Keyade and participated in the creation of Keymetrics, the agency branch specialized in web analytics and web testing.

  • Antoine Denoix Antoine Denoix
    Antoine Denoix Program Manager

    After graduating from HEC Paris, Antoine started working in the insurance sector before joining the Entertainment company Pathé. He then became part of the YouTube and Display team at Google and wrote a book on affiliate programs: L’Affiliation : bâtir, administrer et réussir un programme efficace (Dunod 2010). Drawing on his consulting experience at fifty-five, he published a second book: Webanalyse, des données à l'action (Dunod 2013).

  • Arnaud Massonnie Arnaud Massonnie
    Arnaud Massonnie Managing Director, Engineering, Product & Operations

    Arnaud started working at Havas Interactive, the Vivendi group’s internet lab, before becoming’s Marketing Director in France. He then developed De Agostini Atlas’s e-learning division. During these busy years, this tireless EDHEC Business School graduate also managed to found 2 start-ups, including a social network later sold to Le Figaro group. In 2005, he joined Google to be Head of Sales Operations for Southern Europe.

  • Jean Neltner Jean Neltner
    Jean Neltner Managing Director, Business Development & Partnerships

    A true expert in online business development, Jean has worked in all sectors: finance, technology, CPG, B2B, etc. Before co-founding fifty-five, this EM Lyon Business School alumnus participated in the rapid growth of the Internet sector as Business Development Director at Lycos, Infonie and Egg. He then became Head of Strategic Partnerships for Southern Europe at Google, where he met his future partners.

News & Events


  • Alan Boydell to give a talk at the eMetrics Summit in London

    In October, Alan Boydell will be attending the eMetrics Summit in London to give a talk entitled Unleash the power of your data with BigQuery. Alan will discuss the new possibilities BigQuery has opened up for marketers, developers and data scientists. He will explore the nitty gritty details of specific business use cases that are best served by this type of integration between your click stream tool and a data warehousing tool. More information on theeMetrics Summit website.
  • Mats Carduner at the Data Performance Summit

    Mats Carduner, CEO and co-founder at fifty-five, will be attending the Data Performance Summit in Paris. Il will be discussing the topic of Data : What value without interpretation? Data collection and definition. Will CRM be at the heart of lead management tools? Visit the Data Performance Summit website (in French) for more information.
  • Jean Neltner at the Salon du E-Commerce

    Jean Neltner will be attending the Salon du E-Commerce in Paris, where he will be speaking with Betrand Krug and Erik-Marie Bion on the topic of Digital campaigns: which measures for performance?. Visit the Salon’s website for more information.
  • Alan Boydell to attend Measure Camp 5 in London

    On the 20th September, Alan Boydell will be attending the fifth edition of Measure Camp, the open, free-to-attend web analytics unconference, held in London. Read more at the Measure Camp website.
See event & press history


See event & press history

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