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Our mission is to guide organizations through the profound changes brought about by the rise of the internet, big data, and artificial intelligence. We help brands leverage data to improve marketing, media, and customer experience through a combination of specialized consultancy and technology services.


Redefine a future-proof vision of your business

Data strategy

Define a vision of how your organization could leverage its data assets and AI technologies to support its business objectives, such as improving efficiency, increasing revenue, and enhancing customer experience.

Organization & skills

Set up the right organization to tackle tomorrow’s challenges, assessing how to efficiently share responsibilities and ensure accountability, with a strong focus on empowerment through first-class training.

Digital Due diligence

Support private equity firms and corporate M&A teams investment strategies by providing key insights on a company's digital health and growth potential. Conduct digital due diligences either with access to company management and data, or via a pure outside-in approach.


Build a Carbon Analytics strategy: from measurement to mitigation plan definition, from digital to overall activities.
To discover how fifty-five can help you monitor and reduce your environmental impact, get in touch with us and find our resources in our dedicated page.

Cloud services

Implement cloud technologies and AI to automate your operations and take data-driven decisions


Design, build, maintain, and scale the infrastructure to support the data-driven processes and applications of your organization. Implement effective DataOps practices with the help of our world class experts.


Leverage your data to train algorithms and build custom AI systems to help decision-making and perform tasks that will transform your operations and bring your performance to the next level. Meet our team of data scientists and discover our latest case studies, deep dives and insights, internal tools, and more on our dedicated page.


Define roles and responsibilities for managing data. Establish policies, procedures, and standards to ensure that data is collected, stored, used, and shared in a consistent, controlled, and compliant manner.

Generative AI

In order to harness the potential of Generative AI and mitigate associated risks effectively, it's crucial to have a comprehensive and feasible AI strategy in place. fifty-five helps you to build a sustainable, value-driven strategy and applications with Gen AI. To discover the potential of the technology for fast business transformation, get in touch with us and find our resources in our dedicated page.

Discover more of our work around cloud with GCP.

Media consulting

Measure the success of your campaigns and develop winning media strategies


Define winning media strategy, design  and own a comprehensive marketing budget allocation solution that fits your needs. From tactical solutions to in housed marketing mix models.


Benefit from an accurate measurement of the impact of your media campaigns, including in an omnichannel or web-to-store environments.


Get the control back on your media operations. Improve the efficiency of your advertising campaigns with nimble audience management and flawless execution.

Customer experience

Map, improve and automate your customers’ omnichannel experience

Privacy safe analytics

Design and implement robust measurement frameworks that respect regulations and customers' preferences while ensuring reliable, granular insights.

Conversion rate optimization

Implement continuous testing, optimization and personalization to identify and implement changes that will improve customer experience and increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Customer data platform

Build a single source of truth for customer data that can be leveraged across channels and business functions.

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