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Monthly Brandtech Blend - March 2023

Yasmine Toussaint
Published on
What’s happening in the brandtech ecosystem this month? Catch up on the latest news about ChatGPT and the recent wave of chatbots, the game-changing methods of no-code software, and the newest ‘Meta-verified’ subscription.

The rise of AI chatbots and the war between search engines

It is fair to say that artificial intelligence chatbots have taken the world by storm. ChatGPT,  the chatbot developed by OpenAI with funding from Microsoft, is hugely popular. Nevertheless, concerns have been raised about some of the language used by the bots, and about the accuracy of some of their responses. OpenAI is now developing an upgraded version of the bot, giving its users the ability to better customize the chatbot’s behavior and responses. The developer has released guidelines that outline how ChatGPT should respond to certain political or controversial topics, as well as to inappropriate user-generated questions. By following these guidelines, ChatGPT can maintain a neutral stance when confronted with such questions.Google is now taking up the challenge posed by ChatGPT and developing its own AI chatbot, Bard. According to Google, they will make their chatbot more widely available to users. In addition, they will gather feedback on the accuracy of its responses. However, the question remains: with the rising popularity of ChatGPT, will Google succeed in maintaining its dominance in terms of web search?

Read more about it on Wired and The Tech Portal

Low-Code, No-Code revolution: How business software is becoming more accessible and efficient

Are we waving goodbye to coding? Low-code, no-code platforms are facilitating rapid application development without the need to understand coding principles, allowing users and businesses to save both time and resources that would otherwise have been spent on developers. Low-code and no-code tools allow companies to showcase their business through their digital platforms without the need of having trained developers on-site. Having a low-code no-code interface would help IT departments with quick changes in the interface, creating tasks and monitoring all the tasks in one interface. In addition, these interfaces would allow developers to focus on more complex tasks that do require a certain level of coding. How would low-code no-code interfaces help employees? Having a platform that is easy to learn and does not require much experience helps users not only to work more quickly and efficiently, but also to motivate them at work. By providing employees with the skills needed for these user-friendly tools, companies help create a happier workforce who benefit from a sense of empowerment.

Learn more about it on Forbes.

‘Meta Verified’: Meta's paid subscription coming to Facebook and Instagram

Following Twitter’s new subscription service, Meta is also now going to offer paid subscription to its users, starting off in Australia and New Zealand. A long believer in their “free-always” model, Meta will start allowing its users to have a Meta Verified service for $11.99 per month on the web and $14.99 on the phone. The only prerequisites? To send over a government ID that matches both the name and profile picture of the user’s Facebook or Instagram, meet the minimum online activity requirements, and to be 18 or over.Meta’s reasoning behind the new subscription service is about improving security and authentication across their services. Nevertheless, there are some limits: businesses are not eligible to apply for Meta Verified, and users will not be able to change certain profile details without repeating the application process.

Find out more on The Tech Portal.

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