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BAYER: Optimizing Creative & Campaigns with a Global Reporting Dashboard

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May 2024
Key results
Of digital marketing now personalized toward high-value audiences
Campaign ROI vs non-personalized
Higher consumer engagement
Precision Marketing is a priority initiative at Bayer, and the benefits are numerous. But whilst Media was more easily measured and evaluated, Creative remained the missing piece of the puzzle for us. fifty-five has worked with our internal teams and agency partners to create new types of insights that change the way we plan and execute campaigns. Our teams now have a short-cut to high-performing campaign planning through taking learnings from brands within our portfolio, and markets across the globe. The in-house dashboard is a significant step in putting insight and data at the heart of our digital marketing investments.”
Emre Acikel, Global Director Digital Marketing
Google Cloud Platform


Gaining cross-market insights to improve creative efficiency

Since 2020, Bayer has been evolving and modernizing their marketing by shifting to audience-first advertising and creating personalized experiences for their target audience.

Bayer has established a range of best practices, guidance, and tools to best align media targeting with creative, all supported by data - a mantra that is best known as Precision Marketing: enabling the right message, to the right person, at the right time, with the best creative, every time.

fifty-five’s challenge was to provide insights around creative effectiveness in Precision Marketing campaigns to be shared across teams. The goal was for every brand in every market to benefit from insights - successes and failures - gleaned from other brands and markets to learn from their experience and ensure ongoing performance improvements. By partnering with fifty-five, Bayer wanted to enable continual learning from marketing decisions by understanding the mix of creative and media tactics that drove the best results across all brands and markets to eventually reapply and scale market successes.


Combining AI and Cloud tools to create a customized, automated reporting dashboard

Using Cloud-based aggregation of marketing and creative data and leveraging the AI-based capabilities of Google’s GCP toolset, fifty-five created a range of BI (business intelligence) suites to power global reporting across markets, brands, and creative personalization strategies.

Bayer’s global and local teams, together with their media and creative agency partners, now have an automated global reporting solution, enabling a wide range of new capabilities:

- Global insights into Precision Marketing adoption and performance across DV360, YouTube, and Meta

- Comprehensive view of the display and video creatives used in a campaign alongside their target audiences

- Shareable creative and performance insights to be applied cross-market

- Insights into additional KPIs such as Brand Uplift and CreativeX scores

A global onboarding program followed the deployment of the in-house automated dashboard to ensure that Bayer, their global media agency (EssenceMediacom), and their Creative agency (Oliver) all understood the dashboard outputs and how they could leverage these insights to further improve campaign performance, from both a media and creative perspective.


Data-enhanced digital marketing campaigns

Bayer’s collaboration with fifty-five resulted in the real-time global reporting of Precision Marketing campaigns through an open platform. Onboarded via a global training program delivered for 100+ stakeholders across Bayer, Oliver, and Essence Media, this dashboard allows for the sharing of creative and performance insights across brands and markets, plus the ability to view and download creative assets in-platform.

The new campaign optimization toolset also reduces agency time, from gathering data and reporting to planning and insights, showing a 15% uplift against performance benchmarks (demonstrated through Precision Marketing tests). A significant reduction in reporting time for both Bayer and external partners has also been noted.

As a result of the dashboard’s implementation, nearly 50% of digital marketing is now personalized toward high-value audiences. Through the tracking of 15 KPIs across five different data sources and the analysis of 22,900 ads across Meta, YouTube, and DV360, ten reports to fuel precision marketing optimization were produced, covering the majority of marketing spend since 2021.

And what’s next?

- Onboarding of additional markets onto the in-house platform

- Integration with EDAM (Bayer’s internal digital asset management tool) to maximize digital asset value, enabling increased creative sharing capabilities and efficient optimization

- Integration of additional data sources to become a centralized, “one-stop” data suite for media and creative marketing and analytics

Of digital marketing now personalized toward high-value audiences
Campaign ROI vs non-personalized
Higher consumer engagement
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