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HUGO BOSS: Achieving  Up to 22% More Conversions with a Continuous CRO Strategy

Customer Experience
Hugo Boss
July 2024
Key results
Conversions on mobile
Conversions on desktop
Add-to-cart rate on mobile


Improving CRO on Different Device Types through Better CX

One of the largest German fashion and luxury brands, Hugo Boss wanted to improve the customer experience offered on its mobile and desktop websites by:

  • analyzing opportunities, 
  • framing and implementing AB tests and personalization scenarios.

Ultimately, Hugo Boss meant for this approach to yield an increase in engagement and conversion on both device types.


Prioritizing In-Depth Analysis and Steady Testing to Identify Optimal Solutions

fifty-five implemented a "CRO Faktory" for Hugo Boss with opportunity analysis, hypothesis proposals, and precise objectives. We then defined a quarterly roadmap of test scenarios and prioritization according to estimated complexity/business value.

fifty-five then developed and set up scenarios on-site, with 2 tests per month to continuously enrich the internal roadmap. Hugo Boss was provided with a detailed analysis of performance, key findings, iteration proposals, and recommendations for internal project deployment.


A Notable Increase in Conversions

fifty-five implemented over 60 on-site and mobile tests and customization scenarios and provided Hugo Boss with UX analysis and recommendations toward a target vision for product page redesign.

During testing periods, Hugo Boss observed:

  • +22% conversions on Hugo Boss' mobile website
  • +11% conversions on Hugo Boss' desktop website
  • +52% add-to-cart rate on Hugo Boss' mobile website

Ultimately, 50% of the features tested by fifty-five became permanently implemented for all users.

Conversions on mobile
Conversions on desktop
Add-to-cart rate on mobile
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