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NUTRITION & SANTÉ: Developing New Activation Opportunities with AMC, Amazon’s Data Clean Room

Cloud Services
Nutrition & Santé
June 2024
Key results


Leveraging AMC’s Capabilities to Identify New Opportunities

Nutrition & Santé is an agri-food group whose products are notably distributed and promoted on Amazon. N&S wanted to identify business acceleration levers, develop its customer knowledge, and demonstrate the potential of advanced data exploitation.

The group partnered with fifty-five to test Amazon Marketing Cloud, or AMC, Amazon’s data clean room to achieve its goals. A data clean room offers a secure space for multiple parties to collaborate on data without breaching privacy regulations. Increasingly popular, this solution allows for deploying various marketing use cases without relying on third-party cookies. 

The group’s brand selected for this test was Pesoforma, which is based in Italy and has been sold on Amazon for a few years.


Identifying the Most Relevant Use Case and Exploring AMC Through Comprehensive Testing

Consulting with N&S’s teams, fifty-five identified two relevant use case categories for testing AMC:

•Media investments analysis to better allocate spending and optimize ROI

•Campaign effectiveness analysis to detect missed opportunities

Based on these categories, fifty-five selected three specific use cases: optimizing the brand’s Sponsored Ads mix, improving product visibility, and reaching audiences who have shown interest in its products.


Actionable Insights to Enhance Conversions, Maximize Visibility and Reach Potential Customers

USE CASE #1: Optimizing Pesoforma’s Sponsored Ad Mix

With AMC, fifty-five observed that while most conversions occurred after exposing a user to at least three different ad formats, most were only exposed to one, with one-format campaigns showing the lowest ROAS.

Key activation opportunity

-> Maximize the variety of ad formats shown to each user to enhance conversions.

USE CASE #2: Improve product visibility

fifty-five leveraged AMC’s capacities to determine that two specific campaigns showed a very high ROAS for few ‘Top of Search’ impressions.

Key activation opportunity

-> Raise CPC bids for these campaigns to maximize visibility & boost sales volume.

USE CASE #3: Reach interested audiences

Through AMC’s audience creation tool, fifty-five identified users who had placed an item in their basket without completing their purchase or visited the same product page more than 4x times.

Key activation opportunity

->Launch a DSP* retargeting campaign towards these audiences with AMC’s audience creation tool

Overall, fifty-five found that AMC held the potential to be a true activation lever for brands offering their products and operating ad campaigns on Amazon, with concrete, actionable insights obtained even from this first series of tests. 

Following this experience, Nutrition & Santé now works with fifty-five to further explore AMC through new use cases, relying notably on integrating first-party data within Amazon’s data clean room.

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