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QUITOQUE: Improving Media Measurement and User Experience through Server-side Data Collection

Media Consulting
Customer Experience
December 2023
Key results
additional attributed purchases
reduced Meta impact on page loading time
reduced impact on loaded items size
fifty-five has been a very responsive and efficient partner, from the initial understanding of the project and of our tracking in place to the rather quick implementation of GTM server-side and Meta CAPI, all while offering us solutions adapted to our constraints and specificities.
Nicolas Quenan, Head of Growth Acquisition and Performance, Quitoque
Tag Manager 360


Heavily reliant on Meta activations to acquire new customers, Quitoque was facing difficulties in measuring the effectiveness of its paid campaigns due to:

- Browser limitations on cookies

- On-site measurement consent rate

- Ad-Blocking extensions adoption

Quitoque was looking for a higher level of visibility and understanding of their marketing strategy’s effectiveness, and to improve user experience overall.


Evaluating Client-Side Capacities to Define a Comprehensive Measurement Framework

Partnering with Addingwell for the quick and easy deployment of a server-side GTM container, fifty-five assessed existing client-side analytics and media measurement abilities. The objective: defining an exhaustive business-oriented measurement framework for server-side tagging. 

Fifty-five then set up “Core Web Vitals” and site-speed measurement monitoring to assess the optimization of Web Analytics performance enabled by this approach.


Attribution optimization

Improved media measurement by capitalizing on first-party users and first-party HTTP cookies settings (especially for Safari/IOS, which represents 40% of Quitoque’s traffic) and by bypassing ad-blockers

Tracking optimization

All key business indicators covered by server-side tagging for bidding measurement and optimization

User experience optimization

Reduced loading times through the deletion of client-side Facebook data collection

additional attributed purchases
reduced Meta impact on page loading time
reduced impact on loaded items size
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