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CHRONODRIVE: Reinventing the Grocery Shopping Experience in Thirty Days with Gemini AI

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April 2024
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Perfecting Customer Experience with Generative AI

In just one month, fifty-five and Chronodrive (a grocery-delivery app) teamed to lead an ambitious project: transforming the Chronodrive client experience with Google’s then-two weeks old LLM, Gemini.

Focusing on what Chronodrive users needed most, they imagined a tool that would solve two common yet persistent questions: ‘What should I eat tonight?’ and ‘What can I make with what’s in my fridge?’. They partnered with Mealz, an AI-focused retail-solution startup, to ensure the tool’s front-end development, with fifty-five on the back-end.

Through this project, fifty-five wanted to showcase its expertise and all of Gemini’s capacities to prove that when applied smartly, GenAI could greatly benefit both the world of retail and consumers at large.


Creating a Custom Add-On Utilizing GenAI's Multimodal Capacities

fifty-five, Chronodrive and Mealz created an add-on for the Chronodrive app that would allow users to:

- Upload a dish’s picture (taken at a restaurant, for instance, or directly from social media) to the app, which would identify the dish, generate a recipe for users to recreate, and list all the ingredients available for purchase.

- Upload a picture showing various ingredients (i.e., the inside of one’s fridge) to generate a custom recipe and a photo of the ‘final product’ based on identified items.

In both cases, each request would travel from Mealz to fifty-five to be processed by Gemini through custom prompts, all in a few seconds.

This multimodal solution fully utilizes Gemini’s abilities to identify images, generate text and pictures, translate and format data into JSON for easy transfer.


A Fully Functional Solution, Produced in Just 30 Days

A fully functional tool that offers solutions to each targeted use case, as demonstrated in this demo.

The tool is in its test phase as Chronodrive evaluates how best to integrate this functionality into its client journey.

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