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WEBHELP: Perfecting B2B Sales with Generative AI

Customer Experience
Webhelp Enterprise
February 2024
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Microsoft Azure


Enhancing Sales Teams Productivity with ArtificiaI Intelligence

Webhelp Enterprise, a B2B company, wanted to explore AI solutions to support and improve B2B sales processes. Webhelp Enterprise identified different application areas, from preparing initial contact with new prospects, fostering ongoing engagement with clients, and following up sales, a complete journey requiring significant time and resources from its sales team. Consequently, Webhelp Enterprise partnered with fifty-five to work on three specific use cases where AI could facilitate sales and improve performance:

• Digesting prospect Information

• Personalizing Ice breakers

• Communication consistency


Applying Generative AI to Data Sources and Communications Processes

fifty-five implemented generative AI tools to improve performance by automating processes, enhancing knowledge for sales teams, and fool-proofing communication. fifty-five worked within Webhelp Microsoft Azure environment, combining several data sources (Webhelp’s prospect database, LinkedIn, and other websites) and leveraging Chat GPT 3.5’s capacities.

To do so, fifty-five:

• Framed the project with precision by understanding the needs of the sales team, the potential data to leverage, and the tools’ capabilities

• Managed the project’s technical aspects

• Generated a first version for each use case model with infrastructure and algorithm design

• Fine-tuned these models through feedback-based iterations and demo-sharing


A Platform Tailored to Assist Sales Teams Throughout their Client Interactions

fifty-five delivered a custom, ready-to-use platform designed to help the sales team by summarizing prospect information, providing a custom ice-breaker that utilizes said information, and pre-writing follow-up messages with translation options for maximum efficiency.

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