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MANSCAPED: Driving Operational Efficiency and Consumer Engagement in Partnership with fifty-five and Rudderstack

Customer Experience
December 2023
Key results
CPA Improvement on Tiktok
CPA Improvement on Meta
Increase in revenue from Snap Ads post-implementation
I was pleasantly surprised that [fifty-five] was able to turn on the next markets so quickly. That demonstrated the value of RudderStack for me. There was a longer delay to get the API key than for fifty-five to enable the market.”
Rama Annaswamy, VP of Technology, MANSCAPED


Improving Customer Experience, Targeting, and Segmentation with an Expertly Implemented CDP

MANSCAPED® is a lifestyle consumer brand and personal care company specializing in below-the-waist grooming for men. The company heavily invests in social media advertising, influencer partnerships, and content marketing to reach its target audience. It also relies on email marketing to stay in touch with its customers and provide them with special promotions and discounts. Overall, the company strives to provide a positive and personalized customer experience.

MANSCAPED’s marketing team often required custom development solutions to collect customer data for targeting and segmentation uses. These requests put a strain on the technology team implementing integrations, slowing innovation and increasing response times. Additionally, loading multiple Software Development Kits and pixels on the MANSCAPED website increased page load times for customers, affecting sales conversions.

To help solve this challenge, MANSCAPED paired the leading warehouse-native customer data platform (CDP) in RudderStack with a first-rate MarTech consulting partner, fifty-five.


Partnering with Rudderstack and Customizing Data Solutions for an Exhaustive, Painless Integration

To help MANSCAPED solve its data integration challenges, fifty-five partnered with RudderStack, a top Segment alternative and leading Warehouse Native Customer Data Platform. RudderStack helps companies simplify and centralize their data collection and delivery with a single API for event collection. fifty-five provided essential project management from day one, streamlining stakeholder communication, acting as a bridge between marketing team requests and technology team implementations, and facilitating conversation between MANSCAPED and vendors. fifty-five began by combining RudderStack’s suggested e-commerce tracking plan with an additional list of custom events specific to MANSCAPED’s business, implementing a set of critical events to capture the customer checkout flow. 

Refining the amount of data sent to platforms drives business impact and increases data privacy. With this in mind, fifty-five supported MANSCAPED’s custom development solutions by utilizing RudderStack’s Transformations feature, which lets you write custom functions in JavaScript or Python to implement specific use cases on your event data. fifty-five leveraged this feature to create multiple allowlists, ensuring that customer data was only sent to platforms that required it. The team also supported the Facebook Conversions API (CAPI) integration and the Snap Conversations API for MANSCAPED. 

Through the RudderStack integration, fifty-five aimed to address MANSCAPED’s challenges with event matching and deduplication. Post integration, MANSCAPED has seen higher event match quality in the “good” to “great” range (the highest range), whereas previously, some events had a match quality of “okay” or below. Events are being deduplicated at a higher rate than before, resulting in higher data quality being sent to downstream advertising platforms.  


Upgraded Event Quality, Attribution, CPA, and Efficiency for a Significant Increase in Revenue

Over six months, tags from TikTok, X, Snap, Pinterest, Dynamic Yield, and Facebook CAPI went from being independently loaded on the MANSCAPED front end (GTM client-side) to being loaded through RudderStack. Some were moved to server-to-server implementations, removing SDKs from the website altogether and improving page load times and user experience. By shifting nine tags from social platforms and Dynamic Yield to server-side, fifty-five improved data completeness and quality for MANSCAPED. fifty-five also built eight different transformations that were easily applied to multiple markets, helping to customize RudderStack to MANSCAPED’s specific needs.

MANSCAPED saw increased event quality scores and attribution across platforms, including Snap, which cited MANSCAPED’s event quality scores as some of the highest seen to date. Having RudderStack orchestrate all of its tags and provide a high-level view of its data in one place, MANSCAPED feels more confident in its data and finds it easier to manage. With improved cost per acquisition for social media platforms, including TikTok and Meta, MANSCAPED was able to track revenue more efficiently and scale spend, increasing event quality and attribution across platforms. Overall, MANSCAPED saw a 37% increase in revenue due to greater campaign management efficiency and faster decision-making. 

CPA Improvement on Tiktok
CPA Improvement on Meta
Increase in revenue from Snap Ads post-implementation
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